My journey with Yorkies began in 2003, inspired by a friend’s delightful stories about his Yorkie. I decided to surprise my 8-year-old son with a Yorkie, and that’s when Charlotte, our first Yorkie, joined our family. Naming our Yorkies after cities with personal significance, we welcomed Austin, Dallas, Charlotte, Ellie (El Paso), and Raleigh into our lives. When my son moved out, I found solace in raising Yorkie puppies, ensuring they are loved and well-cared for in my home. Each puppy’s departure is bittersweet, but knowing they go to loving homes makes it worthwhile. Breeding Yorkies has become my passion, driven by the joy they bring to their new families.

“Raising Yorkies is not just a hobby, it's a heartfelt journey.”

New Homes

Are you ready to welcome a loving Yorkie into your home? I am passionate about finding the best homes for my puppies and ensuring they are a great fit for their happy families. Send me an email at or text us at 210-931-4544 to start the adoption process. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect companion!